Crescendo Free Music Notation Editor


An incredible tool for creating and playing music scores


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If you are interested in the world of composition, you are in luck because Crescendo presents a very complete tool that will help you not only to write scores in a clean, orderly and efficient, but also to play them at any time so you can see what each composition is going to sound like.

Whether or not you want to create a melody from scratch or make arrangements for existing work (this application allows you to import scores), Crescendo is an indispensable tool. Put any figure in the pentagram and get Latin notation, or combine voices, choosing the rhythm and the measure you want to follow along within your work.. Not a single detail is lost to Crescendo.

Once you have finished a section you are particularly satisfied with you can play it with the midi reader that is integrated and that way you'll get an idea of how it could sound without the need to own all the instruments used in your creation. Export your score to any format or print it out once you're finished. All this for free.
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